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for Irradiance Measurements
사이즈 89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm
무   게 190 g
제조사 Ocean Optics Inc
원산지 미국
  • Irradiance측정 전용 spectroradiometer
  • In-house calibrated
  • 200~850nm
Spectrometer USB2000+
Grating #2
Detector DET2B-200-850
Slit SLIT-50
Collection Lens L2
Detector Sony ILX511B linear silicon CCD-array
Detector range 200-850 nm
Pixels 2048 pixels
Pixel size 14 μm x 200 μm
Pixel well depth ~62,500 electrons
Sensitivity 75 photons/count at 400 nm; 41 photons/count at 600 nm
Optical Bench
Design f/4, Symmetrical crossed Czerny-Turner
Focal length 42 mm input; 68 mm output
Entrance aperture 5 μm wide slit
Grating 2 (250-800 nm)
Detector collection lens L2
Other bench filter options Longpass OF-1 filters
Collimating and focusing mirror Standard
UV enhanced window UV2
Fiber optic connector SMA 905 to 0.22 numerical aperture single-strand optical fiber
Cable and Power Supply Options
USB-CBL-1 Cable connects from USB port on USB2000+RAD to USB port on desktop or notebook PC
USB-ADP-PC Cable and adapter block connect from serial port on USB2000 to serial port on desktop or notebook PC; also comes with USB-CBL-PS 5 VDC power supply
CBL-SER Spare 9-pin serial cable; connects to USB-ADP-H and serial port on desktop or notebook PC
USB-CBL-PS Spare 5 VDD power supply; required if USB2000 interfaces to PC via serial port
USB-ADP-H Adapter block to use with CBL-SER to connect from serial port on USB2000 to serial port on desktop or notebook PC
USB-ADP-PX2 Adapter block and cable to connect the PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp or LS-450 Pulsed Blue LED to the USB2000+
ACC-CON-US2 Spectrometer accessory connector for external triggering
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