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사이즈 148.6 mm x 104.8 mm x 45.1 mm
무   게 570 g
제조사 Ocean Optics Inc
원산지 미국
  • 200~1100nm 광대역 Spectrometer
  • High resolution ~0.75nm FWHM
  • Laser 파장특성 분석에 적합
  • Off The Shelf Item

Toshiba TCD1304AP linear CCD array

Detector range 200-1050 nm
Pixels 3636 pixels
Pixel size 8 μm x 200 μm
Pixel well depth

~100,000 electrons

Sensitivity 130 photons/count at 400 nm; 60 photons/count at 600 nm
Optical Bench
Design f/4, Symmetrical crossed Czerny-Turner
Focal length 101.6 mm input and output
Entrance aperture 5 μm wide slits
Grating options HC-1, 300 lines per mm grating
HC-1 grating option provides 200-1100 nm range
OFLV filter options OFLV 200-1100 nm
UV enhanced window Yes, UV4
Fiber optic connector SMA 905 to 0.22 numerical aperture single-strand optical fiber
Power consumption 450 mA @ 5 VDC
Data transfer speed Full scans into memory every 4 milliseconds with USB 2.0; every 18 milliseconds with USB 1.1
Inputs/outputs 10 onboard digital user-programmable GPIOs
Analog channels One 13-bit analog input and one 9-bit analog output
Trigger modes 4 modes
Strobe functions Yes
Connector 30-pin connector
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