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HL-2000 Series
Tungsten Halogen Light Source
사이즈 62 mm x 60 mm x 150 mm
무   게 500 g
제조사 Ocean Insight
원산지 미국
Long-lifetime Option (HL-2000-LL)
Source available with 10,000-hour bulb

High-power Version
Doubles your output power

Great Versatility
AFan-cooled, with shutter, TTL and manual attenuator functions

RS-232 Interface Option (HL-2000-HP-RS-232)
Access shutter and attenuator via RS-232 interface

파장범위 360-2000 nm
Time to stabilized output ~5 minutes
Bulb color temperature 2,960 K
Bulb Lifetime 1,500 hours
Connector SMA 905
HL-2000 Tungsten halogen light source, 1,500-hour bulb
HL-2000-LL Long-life version (10,000-hour)
HL-2000-FHSA Includes filter holder, attenuator and shutter
HL-2000-FHSA-LL Long-life version (10,000-hour), includes filter holder,
attenuator and shutter
HL-2000-HP High-powered, 20 W version
HL-2000-HP-FHSA High-powered, 20 W version with filter holder, attenuator and shutter
HL-2000-HP-232 High-powered, 20 W version with RS-232 control
HL-2000-B Spare 1,500-hour bulb
HL-2000-B-LL Long-life 10,000-hour spare bulb
HL-2000-HP-B High-power spare bulb
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