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Fiber Coupled UV, Violet, Blue, Green and Red LED
제조사 Prizmatix Ltd
원산지 이스라엘
The new inexpensive fiber-coupled high power UV, Violet, Blue, Green and Red LED light source modules are effective replacements of lasers and lamps in many applications, such as spectroscopy, illumination and component testing.
  • High Power
  • Reciprocal SMA fiber connection
  • Inexpensive
  • Long life (no lamp replacement required)
  • Rapid warm up time
Power output Slim-LED power output is limited by the reciprocal fiber characteristics.
Larger core and higher NA will increase maximum power output, and vice versa.
The output power is about 50% of the power available at our Black-LED models. Please contact us for power data for specific wavelength.
Slim-LED 80mm x 30mm x 125mm (W x H x L) without extrusions
Power adaptor 60mm x 35mm x 100mm (W x H x L)
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