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  • Easy to use, no risk of breakage
  • Fast throughput, does not require washing/cleaning between samples
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Cost-effective and disposable
  • Customizable to meet specific requirements
  • Flat form factor makes viewing by microscope possible for transmission
  • Capillary fill eliminates trapped air bubbles
Item Description
CSV-6-SP 6-piece sample pack with adapter, 2 each: 250 μm pathlength, 500 μm pathlength, & 500 μm pathlength
CSV250-25 25-pack, 250 μm pathlength
CSV250-25-A 25-pack with adapter, 250 μm pathlength
CSV500-25 25-pack, 500 μm pathlength
CSV500-25-A 25-pack with adapter, 500 μm pathlength
CSV1000-25 25-pack, 1000 μm pathlength
CSV1000-25-A 25-pack with adapter, 1000 μm pathlength
Dead volume 2 μL
Dead volume (tubing interface) Depends on length of tubing at inlet side of SpecVette; typical ID is 0.030", OD is 0.063" (1/16"); length of tubing is 1.5" on each side
Contained volume Depends on pathlength
UV-transparent Film 50 mm (0.002") (UV-transparent to 220 nm
Acrylic/polyester 0.75 mm (0.030")
Bonding Medical-grade acrylic solvent for bonding Delrin to the UV-transparent film
Connectors for Pipette Interface Acrylic
Connectors for Hose-barbed Interface Polysulfone
Connectors for tube connection Translucent FEP for tubing; glue is a solvent-less UV-curing medical-grade adhesive
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