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Radiometric Standard
사이즈 130 mm x 125 mm x 50 mm
무   게 410 g
제조사 Ocean Optics Inc
원산지 미국
NIST-traceable Calibration from 300-1050 nm
Provides absolute spectral intensity in 킯/cm2/nm at the fiber port

Designed for Optical Fibers
Source can be calibrated specifically for a bare fiber, a fiber plus cosine corrector, or an integrating sphere

Calibration Certificate
Calibration data is provided in paper and electronic formats, for use with
our OOIIrrad-C Irradiance Software and SpectraSuite

파장범위 300-1050 nm (calibrated)
Bulb life 900 hours (recommend recalibration after 50 hours of use)
Recalibration Required after ~50 hours of operation
Time to stabilized output ~30 minutes
Connector SMA 905 for fiber; 6.35-mm barrel for cosine corrector; PTFE plug for integrating sphere
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