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150mm focal length Monochromator with dual grating turret
사이즈 137L x 232W x 168H mm
제조사 Bentham Instrument
원산지 미국

TMc150 Core benefits

  • High performance monochromator in compact solution
  • Compact measurement solutiondeal for OEM application
  • Designed for measurements whereby a lower spectral resolution is required
  • Particularly suitable for integration into a larger measurement system

TMc150 특징

  • High degree of configurational flexibility
  • Wide spectral range covered in a single scan
  • 150mm focal length single monochromator
  • Czerny-Turner configuration
  • Accommodates up to two diffraction gratings
  • Single entrance and single exit slit
Specifications (Optical layout)
Configuration Symmetrical Czerny Turner
Focal length 150mm
Grating mount Dual grating turret
Number of gratings 1-2
Grating size 30 x 30mm
Aperture ratio f/4.2
Number of entrance / Exit ports 1 entrance, 1 exit
Optical Performance (quoted for 1200 g/mm gratings)
Spectral range Within range 200nm-50μm
Linear dispersion 5.4 nm/mm
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.3nm
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.01nm
Resolution full/reduced slit height 0.3/ 0.2nm
Stray light rejection at 2.5 FWHM 10-5
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