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Accessories & Parts
MFA-PT Microscope fiber adapter for phototube outlet and SMA 905-terminated optical fibers
MFA-C-Mount Microscope fiber adapter for C-mount outlet and 6.35 mm ferrule-terminated optical fibers (standard NanoCalc bifurcated fibers)
NC-CMOUNT-ADP Universal microscope fiber adapter for C-mount outlet and 6.35 mm ferrule-terminated optical fibers; suitable for all common microscopes
including beam splitter and multiple objectives for exact images at camera and fiber outle
NC-MIK-VIS Microscope for use with NANOCALC-VIS; covers 400-850 nm and includes light source, video microscope for 20 μm spot size with 10x magnification, CCD-USB camera, manual xy-sample-stage  
CSH Probe holder for curved samples; used with reflection probes with cylindrical 6.35 mm ferrule and rubber ring as contact element
COL-UV-6.35 UV/VIS/NIR collimating lens with connector for 6.35 mm ferrule  
MAPPING-6-INCH XY-scanning-stage with 6” (152.4 mm) vacuum chuck, 150 mm x150 mm travel range, RS-232, 90-240VAC (needs software NANOCALC- MAPPING)  
MAPPING-12-INCH XY- scanning-stage with 12” (304.8 mm) vacuum chuck, for sample diameter of up to 300 mm, RS-232, 90-240VAC (needs software NANOCALC-MAPPING)  
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