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Versatile Instrument FIA & SIA
제조사 Fialab Instrument
원산지 미국
일반적인 구성
FIAlab-3500 Compact and portable automated Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA) system
SMA-Z Z-type flow cell for use with any FIAlab solution handling system. Contains two fused silica windows and SMA connectors.

SMA-terminated 200 micrometer fiber optic cable, 2 meter, two required (as quoted)


S4000 spectrometer with USB interface. Preset to 200-850 nm wavelength range, UV2 detector upgrade, 25 micron slit. (other spectrometer configurations are available, please inquire)

LS-1 Tungsten halogen light source for ~360 nm to 2 mm wavelength range
ASX-260 Random Access XYZ Sample Changer (180 samples, 10 standards)
D-1000 Deuterium light source with 1,000 hour deuterium bulb, Useable wavelength range is 220 - 400 nm
C22-3186EH 6 port, 2 position external sample injector
CSP-3000 Peripheral microsyringe pump for automated FIAlab systems
PMT-FL Highly sensitive photo multiplier based flow through detection system ideally suited for very low fluorescence, chemiluminescence or bioluminescence measurements. Parts per trillion sensitivity.
Available as a separate component or integrated into optional component bay (see below).
THERM-SD Thermostated heater integrated into flow through sensor drawer. Max Temp: 60 C. Accuracy: < 1/2 C, one sigma. Settling Time, < 15 minutes
Computer Basic or fully-outfitted, Desktop or Laptop.
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