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RS-8800 제품특징

  • 구성: built-in computer and IoT operating system, Custom backpack
  • 5 x 5 inch reflectance panel, 1.5m fiber optic with radiance calibration
  • 대용량 배터리


RS-8800 Technical specifications
Spectral Range 350-2500nm
Spectral Resolution—FWHM
(Full Width at Half Maximum)
2.5nm @ 700nm
8nm @ 1500nm
6nm @ 2100nm
Si Detector 512 element Si photodiode array (350–1000nm)
InGaAs Detectors (cooled) 256 element extended wavelength photodiode array (1000–1900nm)
256 element extended wavelength photodiode array (1900-2500nm)
Fiber Mount Options 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10° FOV Lenses, irradiance diffuser
Noise Equivalence Radiance
(1.2m fiber)
0.8x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @700nm
1.2x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @1400nm
1.8x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @2100nm
Max Radiance @ 700nm (1.2m fiber) 2.0x10-4 W/cm2/nm/sr
Minimum Scan Speed 100 milliseconds
Wavelength Reproducibility 0.1nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.5 bandwidth
Communications Interface USB or Class I Bluetooth– laptop or PDA compatible
Size 31.5 x 22.9 x 38.7 cm
Weight Less than 5kg
Batteries Lithium ion; 7.4V—rechargeable
Angle measurement range & accuracy 0.15 degree accuracy on both axis of Tilt sensor
Distance measurement range & accuracy Resolution of 1 inch or 2 cm on the range finder
Solar angle accuracy Within 1°
GPS positioning accuracy ±3 meters accuracy
Camera parameters VGA with resolution of 640x480 pixels
Bluetooth /WiFi working distances Class 1, 100m range
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