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Measurement Instrument
사이즈 160mm x 85mm x 60mm
무   게 500 g
제조사 Gigahertz-Optik GmbH
원산지 독일
BTS256-LED 휴대용 테스터기는 Chip LED, Array type LED, Board assembled type LED 샘플에 대해서
루멘, 럭스, 색좌표, 색온도, CRI, 스펙트럼 분포도, Peak 파장, Dominant wavelength 를 측정 가능합니다.
Sensor Desig BiTech Sensor with fine photometric matching photodiode and 256 pixel CMOS photodiode array. Integrated
shutter for remote controlled offset compensation.
Integral Sensor Integration time setting from 100μs to 6s. Seven (7) measurement ranges with correction range transcendent offset correction. 12Bit SAE ADC
Spectral response with fine CIE photometric matching. On-line correction by spectral source data
Luminous flux resolution 0.1mlm; Max luminous flux value 10000lm
Spectral Sensor Integration time setting from 5.2ms to 60s. Shutter delay 100ms for open, 100ms for close
Spectral range 380 to 750nm. Pixel resolution 1.5nm. Other resolutions by interpolation or integration
Luminous flux measurement range (white light):
  • Minimum signal 200mlm [With 30s maximum integration time a flux of about 4mlm](200mlm/30s) can be measured] ·
  • Maximum signal 2500lm (5.2ms integration time)
Peak wavelength: +/- 1nm
Dominant wavelength: +/- 1nm
△x, △y reproducibility: Standard Illuminant A +/-0.0001, LEDs +/- 0.0002
△x, △y uncertainty: Standard Illuminant A +/-0.005, LED +/- 0.005 average, max +/-0.01
CCT Measurement range: 1700 to 17000 K
△CCT: Standard Illuminant A 50K; LED up to +/-6K depending of LED spectrum
Color Rendering Index Ra and R1 to R14
Integrating Sphere 50mm diameter with ODM98 coating. Sealed window at sphere output port. Cone adapter with rugged type ODP97 coating. Cone adapter measurement aperture diameter 10mm
White LED for use as auxiliary lamp. AUX LED delay 1ms. LED current peak max 350mA capacitance supported
Cone adapter ex-change effect within +/- 0.5%
xy DUT position error within cone adapter max. +/- 2%
z axis DUT position error within cone adapter max. +/-2% (1 to 11mm)
Microcontroller 16Bit, 25ns instruction cycle time
Power 5VDC to 7VDC, 250mA peak during capacitance loading
Remote interface RS232: 115200Baud, 8D, IS, N
Temperature Operating: 10 to 30 °C Storage: -10 to 50 °C
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