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Photobiological Testing of Lamp
제조사 Bentham Instrument
원산지 영국
  • The optical radiation safety of lamps and lamp systems
  • Covering non-laser electrically-powered sources emitting light in the spectral region 200-3000nm
  • High degree of commonality to the international standard IEC62471:2006

Skin or cornea hazard
Actinic UV skin & eye ES 200-400 nm
Eye UV-A EUVA 315-400 nm
Blue light small source EB 300-700 nm
Eye IR EIR 780-3000 nm
Skin thermal EH 380-3000 nm
Retinal hazard

Blue light

LB 300-700 nm
Retinal thermal LR 380-1400 nm
Retinal thermal (weak) LIR 780-1400 nm
Specifications Wavelength 200-1100 nm
IDR300 Integrated double spectroradiometer
T324H0U25 2400g/mm diffraction grating
T312R0U5 1200g/mm diffraction grating
OS400 Order sorting filter
OS700 Order sorting filter
DH-3 Multii-alkali End-window PMT
DH-Si Silicon photodiode
FOP-UV-1 1m long quartz fibre bundle
D7 Cosine response diffuser (f2<1%)
TEL309 Telescope for measurement of radiance
605 Constant current supply
CL6-H Quartz halogen spectral irradiance standard
SRS12 Quartz halogen spectral radiance standard
CL7-H Deuterium spectral irradiance standard
705 Deuterium power supply
Specifications Wavelength 1000-3000 nm (IR extension)
T304R1U6 600g/mm diffraction grating
OS1250 Order sorting filter
OS2000Order sorting filter
DH-PbS-TeCooled lead suplhide detector
417Electronics module housing
CPS1MDetector cooler module
485Lock-in amplifier
218Chopper controller
D8Integrating sphere
Relay Optic Interface between sphere and monochromator including optical chopper
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