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300mm 초점거리 완전 자동화된 스펙트로미터 시스템

The TMS300 system monochromator offers the same excellent optical performance as the TMc300
but offers even greater automation and system integration.
The internal slits are motorised and the unit can be supplied with internal detection electronics
(amplifier and A to D) as well as detector power supplies. So simply attach your required detector
and input optic, connect to your PC's USB port and you have a fully automated
spectroradiometer/spectrometer system.
Configuration Czerny-Turner
Slits 10 μm to 10 mm variable, fixed or motorised
Slit height 20 mm
Number of gratings 1,2 or 3
Grating size Aperture ratio
Aperture ratio f/4.1 (at all grating angles)
Resolution 0.1nm at reduced slit height, 0.3nm with full slit height of 20mm,
both measured with 1200g/mm grating
Maximum scanning speed For 1200 g/mm grating maximum scanning speed is 30 nm/second
Dispersion 2.7nm/mm (1200g/mm)
Mechanical resolution of grating drive 0.00072 degrees per motor step
Wavelength acquisition speed 1000nm/sec
Wavelength accuracy +/- 0.2nm over full range of 1200g/mm grating
Wavelength repeatability +/-0.05nm (1200g/mm)
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