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Multiple-Grating Double Monochromator
제조사 Bentham Instrument
원산지 영국
600mm 초점거리 3개의 그레이팅 터렛이 장착된 더블 모노크로메이터
Configuration Czerny-Turner
Focal length 600 mm
Slits 10 μm to 10 mm variable, fixed or motorised
Slit height 20 mm
Number of gratings 1,2 or 3
Grating size 68 x 84mm
Aperture ratio f/4.1 (at all grating angles)
Resolution - additive 0.05nm at reduced slit height, 0.15nm with full slit height of 20mm,
both measured with 1200g/mm grating
Resolution - dispersive 0.1nm at reduced slit height, 0.3nm with full slit height of 20mm,
both measured with 1200g/mm grating
Dispersion 2.7nm/mm (1200g/mm)
Mechanical resolution of grating drive 0.00072 degrees per motor step
Wavelength acquisition speed 1000nm/sec
Wavelength accuracy +/- 0.2 nm over full range of 1200g/mm grating
Wavelength repeatability +/- 0.05 nm (1200g/mm)
252 Programmable filter wheel mounted just inside the entrance slit
SAM Remote operated swing-away mirror , can be fitted at entrance or exit (or both) where it can be used with a second slit or, in the case of the exit, with slit and array. Order sorting cannot be implemented at the alternative entrance slit, but the SAM is still useful for light sources not requiring order sorting, eg deuterium
MVSS Motorised slit, allows software control of slit width and hence operating bandwidth
FF Fine focus, puts the focusing mirror on a translation stage and is a must for arrays. The FF option allows you to move the focal plane up to 25mm outside the monochromator housing to fine focus on the array surface
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