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Measurement system for testing and binning of backend LEDs
사이즈 800 x 430 x 700 mm
무   게 20 kg
제조사 Gigahertz-Optik GmbH
원산지 독일

S025, LM-79-08, DIN 5032 Part 9 측정규격을
충족하는 LED 광특성 평가 및 LED 비닝(Binning) 측정 시스템

TPI21-TH 제품특징

  • 광속, 스펙트럼, 컬러, CRI 측정
  • 전기적 컨택, heating, cooling이 가능한 TE(Thermoelectric) LED 테스트 소켓 포함
  • 펄스 및 연속 전류 모드를 위한 Keithley 2400 source meter 포함
  • 전용 소프트웨어를 통한 자동 측정 및 사용자에 의한 장비 교정 가능
    ; 측정 디바이스 제어, TE 소켓 및 소스 미터 제어, 측정장치 높이 제어, 보조 광원 제어
  • ISO/IEC 17025 규격에 따른 분광복사조도 및 분광 감응도에 대한 DAkkS 인증 교정 성적서 제공
  • 측정 암실 환경 제공

Short description LED testing system for the luminous flux, spectrum, color, and color Rendering index of SMD LEDs and onboard LEDs
Main features High-Quality light meter made of a combination of a spectroradiometer and integrating sphere. Thermoelectric LED socket for LED junction temperature control. Automated measurement process. Conforms to CIE S025, LM-79-08, and DIN 5032 Part 9
Range of measurement Luminous flux from 0.5 mlm to 200,000 lm, spectral range 350 nm to 1050 nm, Bandwidth 2 nm with optical bandwidth correction according to CIE 214
Typical applications Inspection of incoming products (SMD-LEDs), testing corresponding to manufacturer’s pulsed mode binning, quality assurance in production processes, design
Calibration For LEDs with diffuse and regular illumination characteristics. Factory calibration. Traceable to international standards
  • Adjustable range from +25 °C to +85 °C +/-1 °C
  • PT100 sensor integrated in the heat conducting block for precise temperature measurement close to the DUT
  • Peltier element with 250W for heating and cooling
  • Extensive heat exchanger with silent fans for rapid heating and cooling
  • Separate current supply and voltage measurement of the test LED through quadripole contact technique
  • Optional measurement adapter for onboard LEDs up to 70 mm Ø
  • Optional measurement adapter for SMD single LEDs
  • Measurement of thermal measurement parameters in accordance with DIN 5032-9, LM-79-08 and CIE S025
  • Dimensions: 800 mm x 430 mm x 700 mm
  • Weight: approx. 20 kg (when empty)
  • Color: light grey or black
  • The measurement system is as well available without the cabinet in smaller dimensions.
Electrical supply and measurement of the DUT
  • Source-meter model 2420 (KEITHLEY)
    - Max. 60V, 3A, 60W
    - CW and pulsed operation
    - Trigger for timed synchronization of the light meter in pulsed operation
  • Measurement of electrical measurement parameters in accordance with DIN 5032-9, LM-79-08 and CIE S025
Light meter
Integrating sphere UMBB-210-103221:
  • Diameter 215 mm
  • BaSO4 coating
  • 75 mm measurement port
  • Transparent dome for dust protection
  • Measurement geometry in accordance with LM-79-08 and CIE S025
  • Quartz-halogen auxiliary lamp
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